New 3.0 software for classic Pebbles

Pebble team make keep their promises to pebble users. They worked hard to bring the great Pebble Time features to our original users. And thanks to doing that for us and that’s the great jobs. And here it’s what’s new on 3.0 software

  • TimelineTimeline. One of the most exciting features that we introduced with our Pebble Time collection, timeline incorporates the information that you care about most (upcoming events, weather, sports, travel plans, etc.) and lays it out for you chronologically. For more information, click here.
  • You gain access to tons of new apps in our Pebble Time appstore, including informative apps that integrate into your timeline.
  • No more 8 app limit. You can expect to fit dozens of apps on to your Pebble, though the exact number will depend on the type and size of your apps. Any that cannot fit directly on to your watch will be saved within your Pebble Time app, where you can rearrange them so the most important ones to you are listed highest and quickly accessible to you.
  • While the basics are the same, the layout and aesthetics have changed. The navigation through Pebble Time is essentially the same as the classic Pebbles, but with improved animations and icons.
    You will be still be able to access the main menu from the watchface and find your notifications, alarms, music control, and any other apps you’ve downloaded.

To update your classic Pebble to Firmware 3.8, download the Pebble Time app for iOS (v3.5) or Android (v3.8.0) and follow the migration steps provided. Full instructions here.



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