Laravel 4 – Creating a Simple HRM Application

Laravel 4When we need build a web application from scratch is need a more time and more difficult but now to make that fast and simple we can use PHP framework. And now we will learn about Laravel the great new PHP framework and great choice for your next PHP-based web application.

I am not expert in Laravel but i already start to learn this PHP framework. And make some application like Human Resources Department Application. I want share it as free, so we can learn together and to be expert with this PHP framework. At this application you can input your employee data (like name, address, photo and etc) , set they department and they period. Setting the role to managing the permission of the page, that possible at this application. And making report of your employees data details as PDF file.

Dashboard   Alpha Omega

I will be doing a lot more writeups on Laravel, so sound off in the comments if you have questions or anything else you want to see. And also you can download or contribute the source on my Github.


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